Music of the Week #234

In the new, out with the old


So contrary to what I said, Phantom World ends next week so this will be just be Shoujo Tachi, Dagashi Kashi, and Schwarzesmarken, still a good combination in my opinion unless one of those three is 13 episodes as well then I basically just have a break this weekend. Anyway, I’d rather work on them now so I’ll get right to it.

As I explained last week, Bomberman 64’s worlds are separated into four stages and the 2nd stage will always feature a boss fight with another character similar to you. In Green Garden’s case, it’s Sirius who is not exactly affiliated with the villains led by Altair. While a mysterious figure, he helps you through multiple occasions and teaches you the ropes with the mechanics. He also has a bitching aircraft mode that lets him fly.