Winter Anime 2016 Week 11

ScWe’re reaching the end of the season and you know what that means, Series Reviews. If you were around last seasons, I revamped the process into something a bit more presentable so I’m actually looking forward to talking about them. As much as I would love to sink my teeth into tearing apart Bahamut, that ends next week.

With that in mind, Bahamut’s episode this week will be skipped in lieu of the rest of the series reviews that are going to be worked on instead of the weekly recaps. See you guys then.

Bahamut (10)

Not Kurumi

How nice it is to completely ignore the awful mess of the plot this series has to just screw around with the girls. But even then, nothing really interesting happens in that regard but it sure beats the fighting and story telling this series makes us go through. So does anything actually happen? I legitimately cannot remember, oh wait, that not-Kurumi from Date A Live girl showed up and had every other girl job to her, amazing.

Phantom World (11)

Mai and Haruhiko get the spotlight this time with the former getting really affectionate and empathetic with our main character. A pretty solid episode overall with decent development for Mai and Haruhiko being so cheery despite growing up alone for nearly all his life. That thing they found in Episode 3 was seen again but even so, the finale buildup is still pretty nonexistent.

Shoujo Tachi (11)


The gang falls apart after Kuroda’s intentions turn out to be different than what everyone had imagined. While everyone leaves Kuroda to finish the project alone, everyone thinks twice about it after all their effort put in and decide that what they made was only possible through all that teamwork and they reunite afterwards after much thought.

Dagashi Kashi (11)

Usually, one episode contains two small stories. This time, we’ve got an entire story of just Hotaru having a mouth ulcer and having herself abstain from eating candy so she could heal faster. Pretty funny seeing her try to resist but other than that, predictable. I forget what Tou was doing with the secret but oh well, more of Tou is pretty much better.

Schwarzesmarken (11)

She's back

Things escalate finally and we see the aftermath of Lise’s death and the Stasi still going strong with their near-comedic levels of evil. Glad to see some action happen with the final finale with Theo getting entrusted with an impromptu fusion of Lise, Iris, and his mechs merged into one to fight Beatrix’s personal mech. The world is less brighter with Gretel dead but I’m eager to see how this ends.

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