Music of the Wek #233

Here we go


Another Pokemon rush is underway since I got the near last of my desired 5-6 specimens ready to be transferred to a new game. Aside from a Wall-Skarmory, this will probably conclude my stuff for Gen IV before I move on to near-perfecting my Gen V team. Other than that, The Last Stand is finally seeing some play again, and thank god for that, there’s an achievement for an unlockable gear I would regret not getting so I’ll take the opportunity and try to get it.

This week’s theme is one of my all-time favorites and 2nd favorite overall of Bomberman 64. Green Gardens is the first scenario of the game and while simple, it has a ton of hidden stuff packed into it that requires you to cleverly maneuver around obstacles to gain new power ups and collectibles. Each “world” is separated into 4 zones: The first and third zones being map traversing and puzzle solving, the second zone being a boss fight with one of the lieutenants of the main bad guy, and the fourth zone is the bigger and stronger boss. This particular theme of Green Gardens play in the 1st and 3rd zones, enjoy.