Winter Anime 2016 Week 10

Stuff is getting decent, I guess. It’s literally just Bahamut that isn’t completely annoying me right now but that should be a given. Hell it’s doing so bad right now that I barely need to take any screencaps of it.

But hey, something I was looking forward to finally happened and it was an absolute blast to watch.

Bahamut (9)

Nothing exciting other than Lux’s brother finally showing up. Not much else fanservice shots either so there’s not much else to say other than the usual fare. Phi has evil in her but she can fight it with some help, Lux is still broken, and the other girls are completely irrelevant. A notably boring episode.

Phantom World (10)


Another episode were we finally focus on someone from the main cast, but knowing that Ruru is an anime original and was somewhat annoying a few times doesn’t really help her case. Nonetheless, a pretty decent episode where it counted and the visuals always look great. I can only hope the finale starts to become relevant with some “non-episodic” episodes and work toward some plot.

Shoujo Tachi (10)

Moe Bunta

The paradigm shifts as the crew gets motivated to not only finish their product for their themselves but also compete with a snobby head of a now-rival company. Things get somewhat more complex for better or for worse when Kuroda’s brother shows up and thanks them for working on a game that will cure his financial debt. Competition being a part of the product was going to happen sooner or later so I’m still glad to see another factor play into the oncoming finale.

Dagashi Kashi (10)

Saya gets taken for a ride on Hotaru’s crazy train of sweets and the results are no-less predictable with everyone’s expectations being broken from the latter’s eccentricity. Not much else to say other than that gratuitous boob scene but I definitely remember that sort of ice-cream back when I was a kid. I’m not particularly sure whether or not me and my friends called it boob icecream or not though.

Schwarzesmarken (10)

Damn nice

The time has come and we get an uprising going with a number of Beatrix’s troops annihilated at a surprise assault. The cute West German girl comes back and we literally get a nice ass shot of her thanks to her teammate. The cathartic confrontation continues with Theodor fighting Lise and luring her into a trap as he went on the defensive. Lise gets what’s coming to her and the final scene as the credits roll has Theodor loading his pistol “save” his sister from the Stasi once and for all.

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