Music of the Week #232

Almost there


Borrowed Heartgold from a friend and now it’s time to just hit the Daycare to just breed me an Aron, a Murkrow, and a Wailmer. A Scyther is in there too but it only has a few moves to learn through some tutors and level up than any sort of breeding and thank god for that since I had a nicely natured one and I sure as hell wasn’t going to repopulate whole other continent with Scythers.

But back to nostalgia time, this week is the stage select theme for Bomberman 64 that showcases the 5 (secretly 6) worlds for you to choose from. The theme still resounds in my head a bit better than most of the other themes from the game with its determined tune. We’ll get to the more specific and nostalgia filled tunes in the coming weeks.