Winter Anime 2016 Week 9

We’re almost there.

The week was busy and I contracted some illness near the end of it but I still managed to get this out. Lack of pictures obviously means lack of interest in some sense of the word but even Bahamut got a few recently mostly because some half-decent fanservice shots where the plot wasn’t relevant. The plot driven ones were definitely the better ones, as usual.

And at this point, I’m just padding this introductory portion out since the image I used for this week is pretty tall and one of the few things worth screencapping from Bahamut.

Bahamut (8)

No need to even show the other half of the this shot with Lux
No need to even show the other half of the this shot with Lux

Would you look at that, a scenario when a new girl doesn’t need to be introduced out of the blue and where a stupid duel doesn’t have to take place. Phi is technically the girl responsible for this above-average set up episode but not even the implications of her being experimented on as a child is going to make me like her in the slightest because I find everything else about her character just a blobby mess of character tropes. But I will say, all those tight-suits, man. This beats the swimsuits episode anyday.

Phantom World (9)

Less funnier than the episode before it so another average episode. An interesting concept is introduced though, people being Phantoms that manifested through some lingering emotions. But other than that, not really noteworthy or somewhat funny like last episode was. The side characters being somewhat relevant was okay too I guess.

Shoujo Tachi (9)

Almost Gay

Voice Acting challenges with understandable pressure and inferiority complexes kicking in to make someone work harder. It was a predictable episode but the struggle and thought-pattern was understandable from our Genki girl. Her line about her not doing anything before and fearing over botching the her own role now was pretty admirable.

Dagashi Kashi (9)

I won’t lie, my active imagination and tendency to overthink things make me weak to horror stuff as well so I know here Saya is coming from. The 2nd half was actually pretty entertaining with Hotaru not being around to spout confectionery history with Toh and Coconuts just doing mundane things is easy-going. Saya is apparently the master when it comes to mundane activities and her prominence in the last few episodes is really shining some light on her.

Schwarzesmarken (9)


Things kick off with the counter attack and rescue mission. Lise turns out to be an absolute bitch and everyone’s favorite Vietnamese girl stuck in German politics bites the dust because of her. No one else explicitly dies but I’m not holding my breath as we await for the final events of this to take place. I’m just wondering where Iris is and why Theo let Lise live after all of this when he heard and saw what kind of person she’s become. She better die.

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