Music of the Week #231

Oh boy


Dawn of War II is getting itself a piece of DLC for its 5th year anniversary and I won’t lie, it’s definitely interesting and with how they got the site name with the dubious DOW3 name on it, I can only imagine what the future will hold. Either way I wouldn’t mind maxing out the rest of my Last Stand heroes. On the other end, I’m waiting everyday to get the right Swarm pokemon to get me a Natu but haven’t been lucky thus far. But mostly, most of my attention is going to practicing Hazama in Blazblue while replaying New Vegas all over again, fun fun fun.

The next batch of music well once again be Videogame related since plenty of you have watched anime, probably moreso than I am. My exact reasoning is that I was unable to get some of themes I wanted to cover during the whole Souls thing going on when the Bayonetta and Corrin were selected as the final cast members of Smash. I have around 3 series that I want to cover with some excellent music and characters that I feel were definitely left without too much memory. So this week’s theme will kick us off with the famous Bomberman series, specifically, we’ll be covering Bomberman 64’s OST first, so here’s the intro and the story cutscenes as well.