Music of the Week #229



Bahamut is trickling down to be even worse than I thought, Schwarzes and Shoujo Tachi is holding my interest, Phantom World is just there, and Dagashi Kashi is boring unless you’re part of the obnoxious waifu wars. At least I’m positive to neutral more than I’m hating it so that’s always a good thing. It took me a while but I’m finally finished with TBoGT after 100% all of the missions and getting the rest of the trophies, which was all I needed to feel like I played most of the game. Dancing was a really fun feature too, just something about synchronized dancing I find fun to watch.

This week’s theme is the penultimate Dark Souls II track before we move on to something new. This is the Credits Theme that plays when you reject the Throne of Want and remove your inclusion from the current cycle, which is only available to you after proving yourself against Aldia. What the future holds, nobody knows, and the Bearer of the Curse no longer being burdened with said curse doesn’t need to involve himself with more trials.

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