Winter Anime 2016 Week 6

The halfway point is here and the two series I care about the most actually gets some more development going on.

But a pretty empty weak if I look at it numerically since 2 out of the 5 series actually had decent episodes, hell, one didn’t even have an episode this week. Strange but oh well, dropping is not an option at this point since I’m invested in all the stuff I’m watching to a certain degree. Anyways, we hit our halfway points this week and the stuff I don’t particularly care for remains the same while the ones I like are actually going somewhere.

Bahamut (5)

Nothing too surprising here. I’m constantly wondering if I hate these kinds of series individually or it’s just I grow sour to every entry in the genre everytime a new one comes out. But seriously, the forced marriage thing is somewhat expected but just the whole copy someone else’s ability given to such a mook, for whatever reason, insults me. Then the MC pulling the victory out of his ass too, I just have nothing to say. The only reason you need to watch this episode is for the 10 second scene at the end when overly-name flatty violates MC’s mouth.

Phantom World (6)

The loli gets the spotlight and honestly, this didn’t click with me all too well since it repeats Reina’s episode with dealing with a character’s problems rooted in their psyche. In Kurumi’s case, she was just ever to face her own problems or believe in herself all that much. Definitely one of the weaker episodes for me for the obvious reasons as “believing” in oneself issues have to be handled a bit more seriously but given the series and the character in question, I guess I can overlook it.

Shoujo Tachi (6)

This Fucking Guy

It’s the quintessential, self-aware fanservice/summer getaway episode that emboldens the friendship between the crew but also causes a small rift to be made. The show was entertaining but I’m not surprised it developing like this and I’m interested in how this will play out since the romantic portions seem pretty one-sided but I wouldn’t be surprised if complex emotions just surface like it did here.

Dagashi Kashi (6)

Apparently not this week

Schwarzesmarken (6)

I hope to see her again

The happy happy end from last week doesn’t last as internal affairs take over the plot with infighting and the fact that Lise is obviously a leashed dog of the Stasi. Our little commissar is also pretty cute now that things temporarily became decent. I’m interested in seeing where things head off from here, with the biggest BETA onslaught mixed in with some infighting is going to cost a lot of lives, I can tell.

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