Music of the Week #228

Got to keep on movin~


100% all the missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony is proving both an arduous task in terms of how many times I’m repeatedly driving to the same destination to either shave off a few seconds from the target clear time or to immediately headshot a guy that appears armed with a rocket launcher after you cross a certain distance threshold/kill a specific enemy. While it’s tiring, I’m enjoying the feature since I don’t have to waste save slots before certain missions to replay them again.

This week’s theme is of Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets who hold a damnable place in my heart, as well as many other players. The boss fight itself is a repeat of a previous boss, Aava, who is actually required to enter Eleum Loyce’s Grand Cathedral. Not only is this fight basically a reskin, you have to fight two damn cats at the same time. Technically, the 2nd one only joins in after a set time elapses or when the first cat gets lowered to half health but for someone like who was 3 NG+ in, it was hell. But their boss fight itself is the tip of the iceberg since getting to them is a whole other story. At a certain bonfire located in the outer castle walls, there’s a coffin you have to enter and slide down into the frozen wasteland below the tall walls of the kingdom. From there, you have to traverse a blinding blizzard through multiple checkpoints, all the while being hounded by these nightmarish lightning spewing ice-reindeers. I’ve actually died so many times and respawned in this area that I triggered for three of the spawn locations for these things to be annihilated, which still meant going a long distance to the gap to reach the two damn cats. It’s a memory I won’t forget since I really liked the concept of the journey but I just hated almost everything else.

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