Winter Anime 2016 Week 5

Ice Queens getting defrosted this week. Well, not technically

Characters that we’ve been only getting bits and pieces of finally get their spotlight this week, well. It’s safe to say that I won’t be dropping any of the series I’m watching until the end of the season, even though Bahamut is garbage I still want to see how low it goes. But overall, it was a pretty good week with most of the cast/feel of the series pretty much set in stone for me.

Bahamut (4)

Something about this episode didn’t exactly sit right with me. Why is everyone so astutely hostile and not welcoming of every help they can get with such a dangerous mission? Is blondy that much of a lech? Given his looks, I thought the girls would be fawning over him but it’s not surprising for a series like this to have only one accepted male character. Anyways, big reveal here that Krulcifer isn’t even human but that doesn’t even strike me as surprising since I don’t really like her in the first place.

Phantom World (5)


A fairly decent episode starring Koito after episodes upon episodes of her just showing up and saying a few lines. The loli got to help around too so I guess I can say the team is finally assembled in a way. Other than a completely cliche backstory about how someone developed powers and scared their human relationships away for good, I guess it was acceptable given the abilities could be looked as freakish, somewhat like how Static Shock worked at how everyone that has powers are basically suffering from effects of an accident.

Shoujo Tachi (5)


So Andou became a real bitch in having herself be critical of everyone else’s work while being extremely forgiving of herself. On her end, she only managed to get in the way the writing and art sections by adding her own input without telling anyone. She’s also pretty aggravating with her half-assed apologies and her attitude when admitting that she has literally done nothing on her share of the work. But apparently all that is forgiven after a rather manly trip out at sea and doing some hardcore fishing.

Dagashi Kashi (5)

I better be one of the few people who immediately recognized the Zerg Mission Briefing theme playing during the first few seconds of Keiji Fujiwara talking with Hotaru. But other than that, it’s another standard fare for the sweet-tooth infomercial program. Nothing for me to complain about other than the same thing, it’s mostly just a relaxation show and to learn about Japanese sweets on the side, the latter I partly experienced because Asian snacks are similar.

Schwarzesmarken (5)


More pretty girls bickering while some actual unity that Katia hasn’t shut up about finally comes into play. And what’s this? A cute girl on the semi-opposing country with what seems like more than a day’s worth of attention put into her design? I guess I can predict someone new to our regular cast. Overall, I’m enjoying the series a lot more than I thought I would so this episode was practically a delight.

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