Music of the Week #227


On schedule


I’ve been a Grand Theft Auto grind these days. I first played San Andreas the year it came out while I never actually to finish it. I was stuck around the San Fierro portions of the game where the distances you’re expected to drive were completely insane for my sort of attention span that long back. Even now, I think the distances are freaking unbelievable but the last few missions definitely made up for it. There’s definitely some magic and hilarity in the missions you’re made to do which really shows some charm of when games could be a lot more liberal with the content it showcased. On GTA IV’s DLC, both were pretty fantastic in both their story arcs and it amazes me how many plot points are going on across the three protagonists. I’ve yet to start GTA V but I’ve been hearing mixed opinions on it so I can’t wait to see what it’ll give.

As if these posts aren’t game related enough, this week’s theme is the actual “final” boss of the entirety of Dark Souls II, Aldia, the Scholar of the First Sin. From the base game up and until the release of the titular expansion and its according patch, Aldia was only mentioned as Vendrick’s brother who researched the nature of souls with him before the kingdom fell and Aldia went insane from his research and was locked in his keep. Aldia did research on fusing undead, the giants, and even dragons but his true fate was never revealed. Theories on how he was the Ancient Dragon ontop the Sancutary or him being Navlaan went around until it was revealed Aldia was able to successfully turn himself into a being that existed outside of the Undead Curse, neither truly alive nor dead, a being without a soul. Aldia takes some interest in you and only after beating him can you choose to ignore the cycle and with Vendrick’s Lost Crowns quest can you fully free yourself from the curse.

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