Winter Anime 2016 Week 4

Attempted to get ahead but my Game schedule is just skyrocketing recently. Anyway, thankfully this isn’t as late as yesterday and I’m going to try and keep it that way. This week’s episodes were decent I guess, some still remain the same while progress is getting apparent since this (technically, last) week marks 1/4th of the season.

So let’s get on with it.

Bahamut (3)

Pink hair’s appearance a few episodes ago surprised me because she broke the order of the girls appearances judging from the opening but it seems like she’ll get focus in the last few episodes, and thank goodness for that. So as the opening decrees, we are introduced to Krulcifer, which sounds like whoever made this series is trying way too hard with naming other people but aside from that, I don’t exactly hate her but her entire allure as a mysterious princess is obscured with yet another marriage cancellation arc.

Phantom World (4)


A Reina episode with nearly the same style of characterization provided to us by means of Phantoms revealing something about our characters. Reina has trouble at home, trouble that we don’t exactly get to see inside her home but whatever it is, she doesn’t like it. Cue the Phantom Bus that takes her away into her ideal home where everyone accepts each other and the story about her sister not being close to her parents and we’ve got some level of character history. Admittedly though, it was pretty boring.

Dagashi Kashi (4)

More snack antics but admittedly, I enjoyed this one. Mostly the running part and how ridiculous it was. The first portion with the candy guessing didn’t really strike me other than “that” but even then, it didn’t illicit that big of a response compared to when Coconut’s dad walked in on his son blindfolded and his hands bound.

Shoujo Tachi (4)

Too good to pass up

Bunta has trouble writing for the game but is given some direction that leads him to go on a writing frenzy, an experience of which I’ve had the joy of experiencing a few times. The other half of the episode focused on the resident artist overworking herself and learning how to compromise with the good intents of her peers. Less boring than the previous episode and the events are shaping up to something so I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Schwarsemarken (4)

When does she die

So his real sister is alive but is under suspicion that she might be working for the Stasi’s goals. Nonetheless, everyone seems to be pretty cool with it and the cooperation with the UN troops seem to go pretty well other than the gripes of our bespectacled girl who was astute in trying to gain glory by means of holding the line under friendly fire. Other than that, things are getting a bit more interesting and the action without too many people dying was nice to see.

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