Winter Anime 2016 Week 3

Had a weekend of playing San Andreas, Pokemon, Blazblue, and PSP emulation, so I was surprised at how fast time flew. I’m late on this but oh well. The “Three Episode Rule” would apply by the time this gets posted and where I stand so far, I think I’ll discuss in the Music Post to come. Given the shit I’m actually watching, I don’t think it’s that unpredictable but who knows right? Still, something in the back of my head is telling me watch more things which is something that can definitely happen.

Anyways, let’s get right to it.

Bahamut (2)

So we’ve got our sleepy-headed, busty, pig-tail, childhood friend that honestly irked me the most with this episode. I couldn’t care less about Lisha and about her circumstances because of a mental backlash I received from just witnessing that such a character I described above exists in the show. Other than that, it’s the standard fare with episode 2 where our prodigious female princess is hopelessly outclassed by her enemies and the MC swoops in to save the day with his special abilities.

Phantom World (3)


It’s a Mai-centric episode and while not the most convincingly entertaining episode, it is the only one where we actively got to see some character history. While it really isn’t that compelling of one it still did its purpose in showing that Mai’s memories and psyche was something completely different than what she thought of herself as. The Haruhiko was okay enough for this episode I guess, but Reina had some good moments too.

Dagashi Kashi (3)

I think I definitely would have felt a bit more in-tune with the series and its nice summer-spring backdrop if I wasn’t freezing my toes off in the dead of winter. While my location isn’t located on the East Coast that just got pelted with snow, we still get some chilly weather. Anyways, more of Hotaru’s obsession with snacks and more of our side characters getting a bit more time to “develop” I suppose. I have to question if there are going to be slightly more relevant arcs or if the series is going to keep itself the same.

Shoujo-Tachi (3)

Fujo Rias

The crew get a rough start with their initial planning stages of their provisional game, with Kuroda’s serious attitude of the project intimidating everyone else while Andou has some issues regarding her direction. We get a slight hint of Kuroda’s ambition if we piece together her intent to win and her brother’s connections to games.

Schwarzesmarken (3)

It keeps happening

Our “tch”-master finally relents in his position after the cliffhanger from last episode left Katia, the Vietnamese girl, and one more girl whose name I forgot are pretty much abandoned with no hope of rescue. Arguably the only decently humane moment happened while I’m sure I’m missing a lot more of the squad’s dynamic from the adaptation but alas, there’s not much to do about that. Either way, at least something good happened for once.

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