Music of the Week #225

Late because tiredness


So this season’s selections are pretty much done and I’m either too disappointed or completely pleased, but I don’t want that to sound like I’m hating it. It’s a somewhat fair selection in my opinion but I will say that Spring season is shaping up to be pretty amazing. But either way, we’ll be trucking along.

This week’s theme is undoubtedly one of the favorites by a wide margin. Not exactly a personal favorite of mine but it’s an agreed upon favorite by a good chunk of community. Keep in mind that the community’s opinion on Dark Souls 2 is split but they can both agree that this theme is probably one of the series’ best. Sir Alonne is the eponymous “leader” of the Alonne Knights that are mostly seen in the Iron Keep, a domain of the Old Iron King. The King was assisted by Alonne and two carved out a mighty empire, only for Alonne to leave one day, and the King set out on a forceful quest to know why Alonne left him. If the King’s memories serve to show what happened, the King defeated Alonne but the latter committed suicide and out of a sense of guilt, the King enshrined his old friend’s armor and in his tower. The lore might suggest that Alonne had kept the tiny throne the old King once used before his ascension to power. Either way, Alonne is one of the tougher bosses with a tough gauntlet to pass before you even get to his room and he’s freakishly fast and has delays on his attacks. The floor is magnificent as all hell too.