Winter Anime 2016 Week 2

Oh here we go.

I thought I’d have more of a selection this time around and admittedly, I’m not watching 2 carbon copies of each other but I didn’t end up with some more diverse series but I’m getting busy around this time again so I can’t complain. I’ve got shows I’m going to love to hate, shows I have no idea what to expect, and shows that I can just watch people die in, a nice big package.

But as “diverse” as my plate is, some bad eggs are there and you how much I love to make myself sad. Only one more show was picked up while I completely forgot Gyaruko-chan existed but oh well, no loss there. I was thinking of picking up Kono-sekai but let me be honset with you. I think the died and resurrected to a different, RPG world is a way worse cliche setting than magic battle schools. I’ll talk more about that when the time comes so let’s get this going.

You can already tell what I picked up, I ain’t proud of it but at least I can complain about it.

Bahamut (1)


Chalk up a shitty battle harem series for the season. We’ve got a fusion of IS and Blade Dance, something both goo-actually just the bad portions. We’ve got the shady past main character who wields two swords that also function as mech-armor. Couple those facts with him being enrolled into an all-girls academy as well and voila, we’ve got some shit. Not even 2 minutes in and the main character crashes face first into a girl’s bath where he encounters our primary girl, a blonde princess with a prodgious artifact that challenges him to a duel and instantaneously becomes smitten with him after her loss against him. Oh wait, she doesn’t exactly lose but they work together to beat a stronger opponent who barges in on their duel. All of this happening with a main character who is voiced by a female VA, fan-fucking-tastic.

I will mention at how completely unremarkable the OP and ED songs are. I guess I took last season for granted.

Phantom World (2)


I can’t tell you how annoying I find the damn fairy. Either way, our red-haired girl Koito shows up and her abilities are even more annoying than the fairy. Other than the monotonous way she chants her abilities, the one tone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA doesn’t really help. Reina got big points this episode for being adorable hungry for food but other than that, not much worth noting happened. I still hate it less than Bahamut though so this has that going for it.

Dagashi Kashi (2)

Hotaru continues her eccentric tirade on Japanese sweets knowledge and strikes it off with Saya. Not anything significant going on other than some comfortable, country-side past time playing menko.

Shoujo Tachi (2)

Our everyman continues his daily life thinking of the proposal made by Yukinoshi-I mean Kuroyuki- Kuroda. She has some extreme interest in games and our main crew gets drafted to become the founding staff members for their attempt to make a bishoujo game. Rias-look alike shows up and apparently works as a maid while I’m pretty sure she was into homo-stuff but either way, she gets recruited as well as their shy underclassmen. With the crew gathered, I’m actually looking forward to how things will play out.

Schwarzemarken (2)


Theodor has a really annoying habit of clicking his tongue and it makes me self conscious cause I actually frequently do that as well. Anyway, we’ve got more reasons to not feel any emotion other than satisfaction when someone else dies other than the regret that their pretty faces won’t be seen again. Regarding that point, the Stasi seem Saturday Morning Cartoon levels of evil, so it’s getting progressively harder to take them seriously, especially when aliens are around. Other than the suggestion that Theodor and Katia might be siblings, the only other thing worth mentioning was Pham, who seems close to dying since any sort of friendly character interaction usually means death.

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