Music of the Week #224

Just keep truckin


The rest of the season is coming along smoothly and I haven’t picked up too many shows, but the reasons for that will be covered when the recap comes out. So far, only one more show has been added and you can probably guess which one it is. Here’s a hint, it’s for torturing myself with again. Anyways, there’s still half the week left so I’ll see if anything else gets added.

This week’s theme is not really a favorite per say since I’m somewhat indifferent to the theme itself but it’s the boss behind it that deserves all the praise. The Fume Knight, also known as Raime, is mentioned in the base game while he is the final boss of the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC and he is, by fact, the toughest boss in the entire series. Research was done and data was compiled where it showed 97% instances of people who challenged his boss room did not come out successful. Raime by lore was the 2nd most trusted knight when Vendrick ruled Drangleic but had a falling out with both his king and fellow knight Velstadt when he openly denounced Nashandra’s dark intentions when she became queen. Raime was beaten by Velstadt and the only traces of Raime left in Drangleic is his abandoned shield. Raime leaves the land and happens upon Brume Tower, the now abandoned fortress that once belonged to the Old Iron King. There, he met Nadalia, another piece of Manus’ soul but instead of fighting her, he accepted her and she accepted him as her host, as she came to Brume Tower seeking a kingdom but only found ruin. Nadalia renounces her fleshy form and she manifests through a number of idols around the tower that buffs and heals enemies and you have to utilize enormous chunks of iron to pierce through them. At the bottom of the tower, where Nadalia has 4 idols around it and presumably has her “corpse” wearing the crown, Raime guards the room armed with his straight sword and his new greatsword. Raime is an absolute beast of a boss who is affected by the idols outside and is healed if he gets close to them. Even if the idols are removed, his fight is still mind-numbingly hard as he has the most varied moveset of any boss in the series. His second form has him utilize his greatsword buffed with both fire and dark but is a bit more predictable.