Winter Anime 2016 Week 1

Behold my shallowness.

A new season and a new batch of shows, this definitely doesn’t cover all the new stuff coming this week but I’ll get to those in the recap near the end of this week so look out for those. Now behold my terrible tastes and no-brainer reasons for watching shows.

Overall, it isn’t as “entertaining” as comparing the three shows in the challenge and no big-namers like One Punch Man are up but overall, and with more shows on the way, I guess it isn’t too bad. It’s definitely a bit more light-hearted and less drama filled from what I can tell so here we go, I’ll keep this short.

I’ll say this again, the whole season hasn’t taken off so only a small number of shows made it. More will come at the end of this week’s recap.

Phantom World

Phantom World Mai

One Word: Mai. That’s all I’m watching this for since I haven’t taken any interest in anything Kyoani has made since Chu2. It’s probably because this is a harem-esque series that I can’t seem to stop watching to torture myself with but hey, it’s Kyoani and I’m guaranteed some good fanservice shots and decent animation. The Kyoani sameface isn’t hitting me as hard this time around, I guess it’s somewhat hard to tell if the characters don’t have short hair. Anyways, Mai, all that sweet sweet legs, breasts, ass, and thighs. As far as the actual content goes, I’ll just over analyze this for the time being: The fight didn’t seem to carry that much impact since no one else bothered helping but apparently fighting monsters of this size is common place. Mai is legitimately the only character I care at this point since the girl voiced by Hayami Saori just sounds a bit off since I always associate her voice with someone more mature and cool. The loli is also seen but has done nothing yet while the red hair will probably come later.

Dagashi Kashi


I’ve heard about this series because people can’t seem to shut up at how freakishly attractive Hotaru is. First off, the opening is pretty smooth and the dad is voiced by Fujiwara Keiji, pretty damn nice. Everyone’s eyes are worth noting since they aren’t the usual anime-style so that’s a distinctive touch. Everyone watched for Hotaru and here I had the presumptions she’d be some up-and-front semen-demon who’d get up in the main character’s face, which she did, but her personality is quite charming and unusual. Also, those freaking eyes.

Shoujo Tachi

The Bitch Queen part got me pretty good and I’m fairly entertained with the cast and the main girl. I’m not even sure what I expect from the series but what I can expect is that our colorful cast here is going to help out in making a game. The first episode did its work pretty nicely but other than that, it was pretty standard.


Get out your bingo cards

I should get out of the way that I’m just here for the girls and not really the action. I’m aware of what the Muv-Luv series is famous for and, no surprises here, a girl is killed in the first few minutes. I’m thinking of not exactly watching this “completely seriously” since I’m not keen on the actual source material and I think getting my thoughts on as an anime-only watcher wouldn’t be that beneficial. I’ll think about that a bit more and anyway, I would feel bad for the girl that died but apparently in the source, not that many people liked her and she died like a fool. I’m also not sad about the future of all the characters because as cute as they look, they’ve got this “holier than thou” attitudes going on. Think about that, the world is devastated by freaking aliens and you still cling to old, country-specific hatreds. Case in point, cute girls but christ do they deserve to die.


A series of short observations and moments featuring our resident nerd, ojou, and the titular Gyaru. It’s short and somewhat entertaining and these are the type of shows that either stick with you or don’t and it somewhat has with me so I’ll keep up with it for a bit.

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