Music of the Week #223

That’s that


The season comes to an end for me and I’m sad to know that I won’t get to torture myself as much this season with very few things to watch. Although I suppose I should branch out more but I would actually need to go look at the chart again. Anyways, last season was entertaining as hell (in a not-enjoyable but criticizing way) so I’m sad to see it go, but life moves on so bring on the new season.

This week’s theme is actually one of my favorites while it’s a sour point on a lot of other players. This is the Worshipers of the Dead, the theme of the boss fight that embodies the absolute worst enemies you could ever face in the Souls series: A gank squad. Gankers in the Soul series are two or more people who deliberately summon invaders or allow themselves to get invaded in order to gang up on the said invader with a group of friends. The boss fight that takes place in the optional Cave of the Dead in the Sunken Crown DLC features 3 particular NPC’s at the end of cave to be its boss encounter. You face the Afflicted Graverobber, Old Hunter Cerrah, and Ancient Soldier Varg in what may be the most hectic boss battle in the series if you face it alone. If you have your own team though, it’s a pretty exciting 3 vs 3.

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