Music of the Week #220

Completely forgot


I completely forgot about doing this and got caught up in writing the two posts before this. So I already screwed up so let’s get this done real fast.

This week’s theme is the theme of Nashandra, the final boss of the base game of Dark Souls II. You can apparently hear this track as it still associated with her in her human, non-boss form at Drangleic Castle but you hear this as the traditional last boss of the base game. Nashandra herself as a human is pale woman with an eerie white dress. When you talk to her, she mentions how Vendrick ran off while also mentioning at some other “suspicious” characters down the line. Nashandra is given some bad connotations immediately before you meet her as one of the rooms has an enormous painting of her and approaching it will curse you. You finally fight her in the Throne of Want, AKA, the Kiln of the First Flame. Nashandra is revealed to be a fragment of Manus, making her one of the “Children of Dark” that we’ll see more of. Nashandra apparently came to Vendrick and made his already impressive accomplishments even greater as she goaded him to cross the sea to conquer the giants. The peace that came afterwards was “like the dark”. Nashandra became queen and her love is questionable but she sought the Kiln more than anyone and when Vendrick realized, he ran off. Nashandra isn’t the greatest last boss but I do like the beginning of her theme.

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