Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 10

A week of laughter, a week of sorrow. But a faint glimmer of hope remains, at least I would like to think so.

Practically every series this week had something to show for except for the one I actually really wished would have not adapted filler. It kind of figures it would go that way but even when I had my expectations low, it still offended me.

Rakudai (10)

An impressive fight with yet again needless side commentary from the sidelines. Toka and Shizuku’s fight was actually pretty well done and ranks up along with Kuraudo’s fight as being the two best things to come from this series. I can’t think of a single goddamn way for me to like loli-instructors again, it just grates on me to no end. I don’t know which trope I hate more than this.

Asterisk (10)

Wasted Designs

Only thing worth taking from this week’s episode was the red-haired girl introduced last week and her sister. The fights were boring since we’re dealing with nobodies. No tension is given to any of the fights since we know the ones that we’ve actually seen for more than 2 minutes will win. But what happens when two teams of the exact same category of being relevant for around 2 minutes clash? Well, obviously the prettier ones, it’s never about the male side characters, it usually never is. It baffles me how much I like the side character designs way more than any of the main characters.

Shomin Sample (9)

Matchmaker Maids

An exceedingly entertaining episode with the main four having their maid antics before the show was stolen by the actual maids. Hakua is adorable and the fact that her maids want her to end up with Kimito was also a goldmine of facial expressions. Probably one of the best episodes from this week and even more hilarity awaits us next episode. Reiko’s YOU GOT ME MAD NOW almost killed me.

Taimadou (9)

I can’t begin to tell you how sad I am to see this episode exist. Technically it shouldn’t. It is the adaptation of a sidestory that is independent from the actual volumes and of course, has characters do mundane things. Being a reader of the series, some light-hearted moments in the light of the recent fights in the novels is welcome but as far as the anime involved, we haven’t even begun getting near to the more darker parts that makes the series so entertaining. It just escapes any sort of logic for me to adapt 4 volumes at breakneck speed and have all the build-up and tension, no matter how minimal it was, to come to a screeching halt to adapt filler. It also looked pretty bad half the time so the episode failed to deliver for more than the a few minutes.

OPM (10)

S Class and a Bald Guy

Bat-Man is voiced by Josuke, I was sure of it when I heard it and I’m sad that he isn’t going to be voicing him in Part 4 adaptation. Oh and of course Atomic Samurai are voiced by Hosoya AND Kenjiro, that just hurts. Nonetheless, not much happens other than setting up the long-awaited Boros fight. Saitama had some great moments of his switch to become “motivated” and Tatsumaki turning into the original style was fun too. Although, I can’t quite put a finger on where I find her voice to be.

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