Music of the Week #218


Pretty quick


This week and the next will be busy but as if that changes my schedule for the weekends. Also bought a bunch of Steam games while I try to comprehend what the hell I’m doing in E.Y.E Divine. Slightly more interesting things later.

Well, at least we have an interesting case to look at for the week’s theme which is the track for King Vendrick. From the start of the game, the Emerald Herald tells you to seek to king to find all our answers and we hear that Vendrick was the supreme badass that sealed away the Great Ones and conquered the giants. Except, when you arrive at Drangleic Castle, arguably one of the better visuals in the game with a horrendous level design, you find Vendrick missing. Instead, the kingdom is “ruled” by his queen, Nashandra, and she tells us that Vendrick as fled. When you finally do meet the King however, he is completely hallowed out and just walks in a circle around his armor, dragging his sword across the ground. You can initiate combat with him but his resistance is obscenely high and only having around 4-5 souls of the Giants can weaken him. Vendrick’s entire story is something worth talking about but we’ll save that for another day.

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