Shomin Sample- Of thighs and muscles

The last of Silver Link’s trio of “one-sided budget focus for Rakudai” comes to a close.

With the trio of Battle Harems done, we can move on to less serious topics, although, One Punch Man will probably be looked at a bit more critically given its enormous popularity. Let’s take it easy for now with this one, this will be way less

I actually don’t have anything explanatory or clever to say in the beginning so let’s not waste any time. But allow me to say: This series was practically made for me.

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Music of the Week #222

Ever so close


Shomin Sample and One Punch Man are on their way before the week comes to a close. Family comes visit during the weekend so I’m not sure how much I have until then but I’ll try to get One Punch Man up soon because Shomin Sample just needs some pictures to be ready. Other than that, not much happening other than me being preoccupied with games, rare huh.

This week’s theme is of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon who is the final boss of the Sunken Crown portion of the trio of DLC’s that tell the tale of the three kingdoms lost in time. Sinh is a dragon who was worshiped by the subterranean kingdom that based their entire religion over him and a sect of priestess were assigned to sing to him as to keep him sleeping. Everything was fine and dandy in the kingdom of Shulva until a mysterious bunch of knights known as the Drakebloods, hired a familiar looking crest of a certain kingdom, marched into town and started slaughtering everyone to get to the dragon because apparently, bathing themselves in dragon blood will make them immortal. The resident queen, Elana, who led the priestesses was actually a shard of Manus, but survived the attack. Everything turned to shit when Sir Yorgh, the leader of the Drakebloods pierced the sleeping Sinh with his spear, causing the dragon’s brewing poison in its gullet to spew out and cover the entire kingdom with poisonous rain, killing everything that wasn’t dealt with by the Drakeblood knights. You arrive in the ruins of Shulva with its poison coated soliders still eager to protect their kingdom while a large number of bugs have made homes in the ziggurats. Sinh himself is a formidable fight with an enormous arena to fight in and people complain about this, but he’s a very flighty dragon. Which I don’t see a point in complaining since this gives you time to heal and any dragon with functioning wings would fly.

Fall 2015 Harem Challenge Part 3: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon- Silver Link’s Guide on Wasted Potential

Here it is, the final contender for our Harem Challenge, Anti Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon.

And before anyone asks, yes I skipped a week of episodes but oh well, not much worth mentioning happened.

Normally, Light novel adaptations that are rushed never bother me. This is primarily because I don’t read that many light novels because I am aware through my own research and experiences to know that most of them are honestly the same. Even through my friends am I told that some light novels are completely beyond help and I have begun to despise the very setting “reincarnating in a different” world setting, as well as the RPG-ish setting with stat buffs and the likes. Truth be told, the main problem lies with actual translation works as well, with some of the things I’d want to read not being translated or something similar. So it’s safe to say, most of the time, I’m indifferent to LN adaptations.

To the best of my abilities, I will try to be unbiased as possible. But even so, there’s a lot to discuss. So what in the hell went wrong? Well let’s get down to it.

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Music of the Week #221

We’ve still got more


Got the first two big pieces off my plate, so big that I completely forgot to post last week’s music post. We’ve got Shomin Sample, Anti Magic, and One Punch Man on the way. I recently restarted Pokemon Platinum after watching a famous Let’s Player start it and I also got Fate Extra CCC from a good friend of mine so I got a full plate for a while. But I still have stuff I want to talk about so I’ll have some fun for the next few days. Look forward to it.

This week’s theme is Longing, the ending song to the “default’ ending that was the only available one for a good duration of the base game’s run. It’s a rather calming song to listen to after the game’s events and tribulations. However, the ending is even more ambiguous than the first game’s decisions. You simply defeat Nashandra, and take to the throne inside the Kiln and you are sealed inside for god knows how long. Only “we” will know what the future will bring. There’s only thing for sure we know that’s going to happen though, that the cycle will continue with us inside the throne. However, that leads to more questions: what exactly did Vendrick take from the giants that made them cross the ocean? That’s something we’ll address in the DLC tracks coming up.

Music of the Week #220

Completely forgot


I completely forgot about doing this and got caught up in writing the two posts before this. So I already screwed up so let’s get this done real fast.

This week’s theme is the theme of Nashandra, the final boss of the base game of Dark Souls II. You can apparently hear this track as it still associated with her in her human, non-boss form at Drangleic Castle but you hear this as the traditional last boss of the base game. Nashandra herself as a human is pale woman with an eerie white dress. When you talk to her, she mentions how Vendrick ran off while also mentioning at some other “suspicious” characters down the line. Nashandra is given some bad connotations immediately before you meet her as one of the rooms has an enormous painting of her and approaching it will curse you. You finally fight her in the Throne of Want, AKA, the Kiln of the First Flame. Nashandra is revealed to be a fragment of Manus, making her one of the “Children of Dark” that we’ll see more of. Nashandra apparently came to Vendrick and made his already impressive accomplishments even greater as she goaded him to cross the sea to conquer the giants. The peace that came afterwards was “like the dark”. Nashandra became queen and her love is questionable but she sought the Kiln more than anyone and when Vendrick realized, he ran off. Nashandra isn’t the greatest last boss but I do like the beginning of her theme.

Fall 2015 Triple Harem Challenge Part 2: Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry- Because Cavalry makes no sense

Welcome to the 2nd entry into the Fall 2015 Harem Challenge and this time, we’ve got Rakudai Kishi up next on the chopping block. The series is well acclaimed but I feel like it is that way for mostly the wrong reasons. I actually read the series beforehand, albeit, in manga form until I went off and read the actual novels so I do have some hint of knowledge on the series.

So let’s not waste any time and get right into it, where does Rakudai stand in the Fall challenge?

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Fall 2015 Triple Harem Challenge Part 1: The Asterisk War- The Academy City upon Snails

The first of the three “battle harems” this season comes to a close and we prepare for the 2nd cour.

I’m out of practice with starting these posts out with some clever quips, but I’ll try my best for this one. Better for me to have something half-decent for this one while I work on getting something wordy and clever for the other two. That fact alone should suggest something about this series.

It should go without saying that I’m fairly worn out on these battle harem shows and I only started watching the one’s this season to partake in the community-made challenge, affectionately called The Harem Challenge. So where does Asterisk fall under this? Let’s find out.

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