Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 9

One Punch Man and Shomin Sample take it for this week with tearjerking heroism and more KING ARTHUR.

The Harem Trio still remains decidedly biased but even I know some shoddy things when I see it.

Rakudai (9)

Timeless Japanese Character Introduction

I just knew that after Sword Eater, things would get worse and I was right. Nothing interesting happens other than introduce the next opponent in the tourney, except for the needless pantyshot. She looks pretty but I’m already spoiled about the fight. Just know that it isn’t nearly as fun as Kuraudo.

Asterisk (9)

Nothing interesting here either, just more character exposition and tournament antics.

Shomin (8)


We get a brief scene of Kimito screwing around with Aika’s puny comprehension in the beanstalk scene before we move on to the Love Prediction portion. Hakua’s punch SFXs are always fun to hear and the reactions from everybody from their predictions were nicely done and cute to watch. The scene however leads into Karen’s solo scene with Kimito where a few of the smaller quirks were cut out but they kept the majority of the good stuff. I noticed that they removed her sister which is something I agree with since introducing someone who won’t show up again for some time is unnecessary. As I suspected, Karen’s solo chapters being a good chunk of the early chapters make for a very Karen-centric which I have no qualms with. We got the maid episode next week so I wonder if they’re going to introduce Reiko’s mom or Karen’s dance arc before the adaptation ends. Also, love the Gachimuchi stuff they finally added in.

Taimadou (8)

I kept my expectations low for this arc after the last episode showcased that they were going for the usual 2 episode run and I was right to do so. The important aspects of the plot were certainly covered, Ikaruga’s transformation scene was decent, and the dragon fight was acceptable but I keep mentioning I’ve wanted a specific “scene” since Episode 6 and this was chronologically where that happens but, I guess not. So when I realized Volume 3 was going to be 2 episodes, I was ecstatic since that would mean Volume 5, the best from what we’re getting to see adapted, would have 4 episodes, enough to make up for the rushing and alleviate the lack of build-up the previous episodes suffered from. But of course, good things rarely happen and Silver Link decides to have the next episode be a filler swimsuit episode FROM THE SHORT STORY VOLUME RELEASED JUST THIS WEEK. I was happy that this series made it “somewhat” clear that they wouldn’t require a complete fanservice episode but no, of course not, just had to have a swimsuit episode when the main plotline never had anything to do with it. At the least, Lapis showing off her cute side was there and Innocentius was shown off too.

OPM (9)

My Tears

I think this was the best episode of OPM so far. Sure you had Saitama just annihilate the Sea King in one hit but the entire scene with Genos and Mumen Rider was really touching to see. Seeing people cheer on the underdog is something that hits pretty close to me and I admit I teared up when the OST just dropped in like a rooftop under snow. The single punch itself blew all the rain away, which apparently, not many people picked up at first glance. Genos showed some of his uglier side when he battered up and he once again shows his full support for Saitama when he was ready to destroy the 2nd letter. To top it all off, Saitama and Mumen Rider share a meal in a really feel good ending.

2 thoughts on “Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 9”

  1. Very nice end to this mini arc indeed. It’s pretty nice to see Mumen Rider so congratulatory for Saitama and not believing in all the nonsense that Saitama is a fraud.

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