Music of the Week #217

Hold on to your wallets


More DotA2 in my life and it’s a vacation week so I’ll most likely be working on my assignments along with the usual watching schedule. The end of the season is near and I’ve already downloaded around 3-4 opening/ending songs which is a lot in my case since I usually don’t care that much about songs until recently. Been irked about something I messed up in my Fallout playthrough but at this point, I just want a good save of it on my PC.

One of my personal favorite fights in the base game is an expy of none other than Garl Vinland from DeS and by extension, Paladin Leeroy from Dark Souls. The Undead Crypt looks great like the Shrine of Amana before it but only after it’s lit up, a suggestion that one of its inhabitants strongly urges you not to do. However, it’s disgustingly short and its gimmick is quite annoying involving bells and infinitely respawning wraiths, provided their headstones are not destroyed. Velstadt himself is a challenging boss on his own and his lore is decent until we delve into another boss down the line.

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