Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 8

We hit a peak and we reach a low, it’s not exactly a contest worth being mentioned but there a few points to be brought to attention. Why did I try to hard to make that last part rhyme? It was a surprisingly full week since I have the most pictures for this week’s batch but not all was great but hey, it gave me a bit to think about. Whether or not that’s good or bad thoughts stirring is up to you to find out.

Let’s roll

Rakudai (8)

I downloaded one episode from this series

The only thing I was expecting this series to enjoy was this fight right here. Hosoya’s voice does the badass yankee to a high degree and hearing him laugh every other second was a joy to behold. Of course, I have to admit our MC starting to smile was great too but it doesn’t make that much sense for him to do so if he was completely on the defensive. Nonetheless, if the two bimbos in the corner stopped talking, this fight would have been perfect.

Asterisk (8)

slut out of 10 would hire services

Fanservice filler episode. Slutty blonde voiced by Yukari Tamura was neat but other than that, nothing worth mentioning.

Shomin (7)



The other half dealt with Aika’s return to estrangement but to be perfectly honest, it has be kept that way if we’re going to see more of her adorable idiocy.

Taimadou (7)

A bit of a double edged sword (heh) effect going on here as the production team is opting to make Ikaruga’s arc 2 episodes as well. Let’s get the obvious wrongs out of the way since we’ve essentially rushed through half the volume in 20 minutes and took out a numerous amount of exposition and subtleties that really differentiated Usagi’s arc with Ikaruga’s. Of course, being that it is a adaptation, there is bound to be some flaws but the amount of rushing they had to do in this episode really shows how problematic it could be when the volume itself was jam packed with information compared to Usagi’s comparatively simpler arc and story. That being said, at least they covered the important parts and devoted a chunk of the episode in going over Ikaruga’s background with Isuka and Kanaria. They also had Sougetsu preparing for war but missed the subtlety of him actually wanting to incite a war in the first place. Overall, an episode that is absolutely rushed but they kind of made it up for it with the ending, that was cleverly well timed and got me off guard.

OPM (8)


Crisis in J City causes an immense problems as a load of A-class heroes get wrecked by merfolk and Saitama takes his sweet time getting there along with Mumen Rider. Not much going on this week other than seeing the girly muscleman put up a short fight and Edgy Sanic getting outsped. Saitama pulls his serious face at the end so I’m sure one hit wonders are coming next week.

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