Music of the Week #216



Nothing more but DotA and stopping my Dark Souls playthrough after Anor Londo. Bought Borderlands 2 to play with a couple buddies while I plan on picking my Perfect Good run on New Vegas after I get my bearings on what I needed to do. I had a physical checklist which I misplaced so that’s bringing my blood to a boil since NV is a fuckhuge game and has a lot of factors going into it. Either way, at least I won’t be bored for a while. If I hadn’t mentioned before, Wednesdays are my happy days since both Anti Magic and Shomin Sample come out.

This week’s theme is the Milfanito, the song the titular beings sing in the sunken Shrine of Amana, one of the arguably more annoying levels in the game. You’ve got the stamina eating, combo spamming Archdrakes, the soul arrow sniping casters, and to top it all off, you’ve got critters in the water that cause bleed. The lore in question is actually pretty interesting regarding the area’s location, the archdrake’s relationship to the DLC areas, and the Milfanito themselves. The latter being the focus here since they are related to to Fenito in that they are bound to Nito in easing the dead. Fenito guard the tombs further below while the Milfanito sing to appease the afflicted.