Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 7

It was an alright week. Although, both the series I’ve gotten into didn’t deliver properly on the scenes I wanted to see. But we continue through the halfway point of the season and I admit, I kind of missed doing this every week and I’m enjoying myself a lot more than I thought  I would. Most of that is probably because I got myself in two new series. Anyways, let’s get on our way.

Rakudai (7)

This week’s episode showcased the fight between the girl of the arc and the MC where the usual “Main character gets destroyed before deciding to do something” plays out. Granted, I overestimated the cool factor of the opponent’s power and thought that it was actually wind cutting his back while it was actually her being a damn cheat. I know using new techniques is what a series like this does but why hasn’t he ever showcased these before? At least we’ll get something good from the actual villain of the arc next time.

Asterisk (7)

Shameless Kirin

Another Kirin episode, nothing to really get out of this other than fawning over the overly stacked 13 year-old, hearing Joseph Joestar’s voice, and watching a surprisingly better fight near the end of the episode than what Rakudai pulled off. If only the main character didn’t look and sound like such a damn push over.

Shomin (6)

Get out

Knowing how anal Capcom is with their series (RIP High Score Girl), I’m not surprised that they replaced the Street Fighter reference with a DDR one. Unfortunately, Karen’s scene is confirmed to be for next week but I guess the hamburger and the crane-game scene were pretty fun. But like I said last week, I was most looking forward to Karen’s scene so onto next week we go.

Taimadou (6)

Takeru and Lapis

I half expected something around these lines and the confrontation on both fronts were Tyr’s fight with Reima was completely skipped and Mephisto’s fight wasn’t really a fight at all. Normally I would be somewhat angry but with the previous fights being slightly above mediocre, I’m placing my full hopes for the fights ahead from Volume’s 3 and 5. Usagi’s Volume was admittedly the worst and the scene I was actually waiting for didn’t show up so while the episode was disappointing, I’m cautiously hopeful for the future. But hey, HAND-DRAWN ARMOR.

OPM (7)

More hero shenanigans and more of Genos acting moe as hell in admiring Saitama’s pure intent on being a hero. Not much else to say here other than grand vistas and scenery with Genos and Metal Knight’s attempts to destroy the meteor being beautiful as ever. I also finally got to see the famous panel with Saitama and the exploding buildings in the background. Hopefully we get some more named heroes and see some assholes get retribution from Saitama’s fist.

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