Music of the Week #215




Nothing much to speak off other than being late, real life has been taxing me greatly. Nothing but DotA2 has been filling my spare time in the game section. Mostly spent my yesterday watching Legacy of the Void’s campaign to see how stupid it was and it didn’t disappoint in fucking itself over. The campaign itself was decent though, it was just the epilogue that turned the idiocy meter but a handful of notches.

This week’s theme is that of the Darklurker, one of the surprisingly many optional bosses in the game and is considered one of the hardest bosses in the base game. One of the reasons being that to access its boss room, you have to give up a Human Effigy and make your way through the Dark Chasm of Old and fight through its own version of phantoms before reaching its lair. It’s honestly one of the more original looking bosses and is one of the few strictly caster bosses that make for a quick paced fight where you get on the offensive, lest you get careless and get hit by a stray projectile. Oh, it can also clone itself but the damage is shared.

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