Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 6

Rarely has two series drawn me in deeper into their respective rabbit hole but it finally happened.

Which one is it? We’ll take a wild guess.

Rakudai Kishi (6)

The next fight is prepared and he’s hilariously voiced by the main character of Taimadou. But other than that, we have gratuitous fanservice and strictly set up with nothing too interesting going on other than the new girl, Ayase being from a previously famous family. Having read the manga beforehand, they’re taking their sweet time getting to the fights and I actually wouldn’t mind if they got to the fights quicker as at this point, we’ve only had 2 fights over 6 episodes.

Asterisk (6)

More kirin

Nothing significant happens again, we only have our MC getting friendly with our 13-year old short stack. Really nothing else going on there, but apparently, blonde student council president is apparently the 2nd best while the aforementioned shortstack is the best. We’re 6 episodes in and I still have no idea where the plot is going other than the far-off tournament promised to us in the future but with barely anything interesting happening, I don’t think it will actually matter. Also, seriously, what’s the point in giving a series like this an ending song THAT good?

Shomin (5)


As I thought, a marginally more relaxing episode with the set-up between Aika and Reiko already set finished. That being said, the funnier moments with the two come later and this week’s highlight was the beginning, with Hakua and Kimito’s relaxing together. The next source of laughs being the completely blatant reference to Yuru Yuri and making fun of the blank status of one of its main characters. I’m more surprised that they’re speeding through the chapters and getting to an awaited part of mine so here’s hoping it actually makes it in next week’s episode.

Taimadou (5)

I went and did it, I’m reading the light novels as apparently, the series kicks itself into overdrive and that in it of itself a pretty big understatement. So after finishing Mari’s arc which made up Volume 2, Ikaruga’s arc covered in Volume 3 swapped places with Volume 4 were we now deal with Usagi’s arc. This is honestly for the better since Volume 4 is universally considered the weakest while Volume 4 is pretty damn hype. Anyways, Usagi’s rather predictable predicament is the focus of the volume while a witch named Mephistopheles is masquerading around the school, already killing a number of students. While the LN’s dig into Mephisto’s scenes, the anime only mentions the incident. Hijinx abound and cue up an admittedly entertaining walk-in sequence in Kusanagi’s house with a naked Usagi. Next episode holds the conclusion and I pray that I get the scene I’m hoping for.

OPM (6)


Saitama rushes around town trying to find small cases to solve in order to boost his Hero Score but finds problems with the city being so peaceful. A run in with Sanic from a few episodes back leads to Saitama getting minimal recognition while something bigger in the whole hero spectrum plays out in the back of the entire hero organization. A well animated fight involving a seaweed monster against a number of lower ranked heroes comes to the expected end from an offscreen hit by Saitama.

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