Music of the Week #214


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Funnily enough, I started playing Dark Souls again but only up to Anor Londo since the rest of the game after that is honestly a bit worse. I still love the game but it honestly feels like a drag remembering the post Londo areas. I more likely will go around helping people for boss fights or kill the duo and get myself a Red Eye Orb.

This week’s theme is the Looking Glass Knight, an expy of the other armored bosses in the game while also calling back to our good friend, the Old Monk. The LGK himself is a hefty dude with some seriously heavy swings of his blade and his 100% block/magic reflecting shield. The rain doesn’t help with the fact that you get amplified damage against his lightning attacks either and how the sound really screws with your orientation. On his own however, LGK is manageable but his entire gimmick is using his shield to bring in another player into the fight as a Mirror Squire. Usually, or when you’re offline, only an AI takes its place but if you Invade in the general area, you will have a chance to be summoned during the boss fight.

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