Music of the Week #211


On schedule


So finally got the weekly recap out and I guess all of them will be released every Saturday or Sunday as the weeks go by. It feels good to be back talking about stuff again, even if half of them are just there for me to make fun about. I’m somewhat close to dropping a few of them and it will be so if it becomes that unbearable for me to watch but we’ll see how it goes.

Getting back into DotA 2, ooooooooooh boy.

Anyways, it’s time for this week’s theme. There was a reason why I didn’t post this particular theme as it not only found in Dark Souls II but a near carbon-copy of the track is found in the same boss fight in Dark Souls II. One of the more infamous locations in Dark Souls II is the Belfry Luna, a large bell-tower seemingly integrated in the middle of a large prison complex known as the Bastille. Not only is it filled with creepy little doll enemies that do an obscene amount of damage but it is the equivalent of the Darkroot Forest in terms of online play as any and all who step into the bell tower is quickly invaded by the members of the tower’s own covenant. Not even member of the covenant are safe and a large majority of early online play occurs here, which is beneficial since it is the easiest way to farm Titanite Chunks. The Undead Parish’s boss fight, the Belfry Gargoyles took place beneath the titular bell tower where the first Bell of Awakening is while in 2, the Belfry Gargoyles are a lot less lore emphasized in terms of whatever they’re guarding. Nonetheless, the exact same theme plays for both. In the first game, there were only 2 gargoyles, in 2 however, there’s around 6. Once again with the flawed design philosophy regarding adding more stuff into boss fights to make it tougher, not the biggest fan. One last thing however, which I find really cool, is that if you go ignore the Belfry Luna and move on through the Bastille to Sinner’s Rise, you will hear a gargoyle fly near the Bastille and roar, prompting to you that there might be more to explore if the Belfry Luna wasn’t discovered yet.

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