Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 1-2

Picture-less since I’m having a tough time keeping up with other duties getting in the way but hey, time to finally break the monotony of music posts. My “taste” in shows have rarely changed but realize that at least half the series here are being watched so I can enjoy tearing them apart later when the season comes to a close.

I said picture-less but I will update as the week goes by so until then, here we go.

Rakudai Kishi (1-2)

Why 1

Regular Harem Clone #1 with your classic cliches with guy walking onto a girl changing and getting a beat even though it was originally his room as well as a fight going down between them and having the main girl be a foreign, red hair, twin-tailed, fire-elemental user. Also add her obvious tsun and ojou like demands. Our main character is yet another “cast aside” archetype from a renowned house of fighters and is considered the worst of bunch, only he defeats our overpowered main girl in the first episode. Bring about his “tragic story” in the 2nd episode and his incestuous, yandere sister. Perfect. The main girl also falls head over heels for the guy so she’s even less characteristic than the similarly red haired girl from Shinmai, remember that one? That actually got an S2.

Gakusen Toshi no Asterisk (1-2)

Why 2

Regular Harem Clone #2 with yet another character introduction of the fiery red headed noble girl meeting our humble main character. Ensue yet another battle where he “wins” and gets partnered up with her. Then he reunites with his long lost friend in the 2nd episode. Then busty blonde wants a part of that action too. Once again, he has family issues and his sister is the only one that takes his side, where have I heard that before? I doubt she’s actually dead though.

Shinmai (1)

Buy the BD’s: The Series: The Animation is as strong as ever with a lackluster but admittedly rare scene where a parent character who, not only exists in series like this, but is quite the badass. Other than that, just more School Slice of Life before we immediately get to the suggestive material with the two girls lusting after our MC’s feet this time around, only for the currently non-lewd sister of the blue haired girl interrupting them. Don’t think for a second that any female is safe from the harem cock so she’ll be wetting herself real soon.

Shomin Sample (1)

So the premise actually makes itself out to be like it is instead of having the main character be anything more, good, I appreciate honesty. That being said, I didn’t find it too big a contrivance to finish this as I was slightly entertained with a group of non-completely bitchy girls and I hope that statement doesn’t come bite me in the ass later. It’s teetering on the edge like the rest but I don’t found too much to make fun of.

Anti Magic (1)

I didn’t even pay attention to Trinity Seven or give it much thought but chalk up another Shinichiro Miki role for the top-dog adviser of yet another magic academy. Oh, and the MC carries a katana where the other kids lampoon it but I can just tell he’s going to be DA BEST once he gets to fighting. Also, another walk-in embarrassment scene but at least this time, it’s a bunnysuit. So instead of the single MC being the odd one out, he’s a leader of a trio, later a group of outcasts so I guess that’s something slightly less overdone. Main girl doesn’t seem to be that much of a bitch since she’s cooperative. Refreshing an MC just go angry as hell too but once again, sibling love is just way too damn strong in these series.

OPM (1-2)

One of the actual series I had any real intention of watching. OPM is a parody of the superhero genre that focuses on our completely normal looking protagonist Saitama who happens to have trained so hard that he feels no excitement as he can effortlessly beat opponents with a single punch. Pretty entertaining so far and some badass moments in the first episode.

2 thoughts on “Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 1-2”

  1. I knew how similar Rakudai and Asterisk is, so I only picked one to watch, and would maybe marathon the other one at a later date :p

    And yea, One Punch Man is pretty good so far. The inclusion of the “sidekick” archetype (Genos) is a pretty nice touch.

    1. Good to see you Kai. I’m indifferent to both but I don’t know, Rakudai is just so sickeningly cliche that I’m just compelled to see how much angrier it can make me. OPM is pretty entertaining as well and it’s something I’d watch weekly instead of reading ahead, since it’s primarily a comedy.

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