Music of the Week #210


The season has landed


Not all the series I plan on talking about have had their first episodes out so for right now, I’m waiting for them to get out so I can just do a weekly roundup style of posts that I frequently do. So be assured, less half-assed posts are coming your way. But until then, you guys who still stick around just get more Dark Souls

This week’s theme is that of the Ruin Sentinels and the Smelter Demon. Each game in the series has that “Wake Up” boss fight that usually prove a nightmare to beginning players. Demon’s Souls had Flamelurker who proved a decent challenge but could be easily kited by magic. Dark Souls had the Capra Demon to which I still cannot, to this day, believe people had trouble with. In Dark Souls II, the title is shared between the Ruin Sentinels and the Smelter Demon. The Smelter Demon fits the role fine as it is extremely durable and deals fire based damage, something not too many players will have good defenses against without prior knowledge. Ruin Sentinels are only difficult as they are fought as a trio, but even then, you get to kill the first one on its own while the two join in if you take too long. I’ve mentioned this before but the design philosophy behind most of DS2 was not smart enemy placements or smart enemies in general, rather, to improve difficulty and live up to the marketing name of “hardest game ever” (which it really isn’t) adding more enemies just added to it, albeit negatively. So here you go, this theme is actually one of my favorites.

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