Music of the Week #209


Better late than never


A few days late due to some busy circumstances. As fast as I regained interest in Dark Souls 2, it was dropped just as quickly. My obsessive want to have one of everything is tough when the NG +4 bosses are punishingly difficult (and an equally annoying pain to even get to) made me halt my plans for a No Death Run since, in my mind, collecting boss souls are only going to get harder so I might as well do them now, and now is not the time for me to go through the Memory of the Old Iron King or the Frigid Outskirts again.

But nonetheless, our musical journey continues. Last time we talked about The Pursuer and the other first encounter bosses and now we have another potential early boss, a familiar looking one at that. Being a big fan of the series, you could imagine my surprise when I saw the one and only Ornstein inside the Blue Cathedral near the Heide’s Tower of Flame. However, he isn’t that tough of a boss and he isn’t exactly a ferocious fighter either. Alone, he isn’t exactly tough and only when he’s paired with Smough was Ornstein a challenge. A thought arises from this, did the developers add him in just to make a blatant callback? A lot of DSII’s identity was compromised in trying to be like first Dark Souls instead of being its own game and the Old Dragonslayer along with the other callbacks, namely the Old Souls, are charming enough but detract from making the game its own thing. Instead of making itself fresh and new, it has to rely on the first game and remain that way instead of leaping off to higher bounds.

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