Music of the Week #208


One more week


I’m fully back into Dark Souls and just beat Sinh and Elana after spending at least 10 Human Effigies to kill the latter with a couple of swell phantoms who still apparently play the regular version of the PS3 copy of Dark Souls II. Guess I’m not alone being completely behind a console generation since I’m too busy buying figures. Anyway, part of my soul is also craving getting back into New Vegas, I might have mentioned this but I have a physical checklist of things that I need to do in my currently on-hold Perfect Good Run. More news on that later I guess

This week’s theme is that of one of the earlier bosses in Dark Souls II, the Pursuer. He’s potentially one of the earliest bosses you can encounter as he shows up as an “optional” fight near the halfway point of the Forest of Fallen Giants where he appears to challenge you should you climb a ladder into a small platform. Killing him here will end his formal boss fight encounter that would take place soon after but he appears two more times in the Iron Keep and in Drangelic Castle. In the recently updated Scholar of the First Sin edition, the Pursuer fulfills his name and appears more frequently across the game world to make your life a living hell. His name and occupation is one of the many reasons I chose his theme compared to the Dragon Rider and Last Giant, both were lame as hell. Last Giant in hindsight has some interesting lore connections and a fair position as one of the first boss fights in the game but the Dragon Rider is an abysmal boss fight. Before the game even released, I read a Gameinformer issue where a guy fought the Dragon Rider and made him out to be the most badass and toughest thing ever. Fucking.Please

Consider my weekly music posts on Dark Souls II to be my segmented criticisms of the game as well as singing some praise where it is appropriate. Oh and how could I forget, the Pursuer’s own sword can be acquired and it is one of my favorite weapons in the game. Plus the dude floats. He doesn’t walk with his bulky armor and his oversized sword an shield combo, he floats and attacks with one of the more majestic animations the game has to offer.

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