Music of the Week #207

Fall approaches


I’ve been thinking more of Dark Souls II lately and I plan on going back to it again to try a No Death Run since I previously did a No Bonfire Run and only died around 3 times in total. But, that’s only after I beat the Sunken King and Ivory King’s stages again since I like collecting items, it will prove decent entertainment. Speaking of the series, Bloodborne got a DLC trailer and even when I haven’t played it yet, I really love the new weapons. Wish they incorporated some more though but who knows, we might actually get more.

Fall Season has only a few more weeks left and I can finally get back into the scene talking about stupid shit, can’t wait to get my anger flowing. For now though, music time.

The hub world for each entry into the Souls series guarantees as one of the more memorable tracks from each game’s soundtrack. Majula is no different and by looks alone, it definitely provides the most atmospheric feel to the area. While the Nexus was enormous, it was gloomy. Firelink Shrine was similarly like a puzzling ruins but it was relaxing. Majula is an abandoned village with very few inhabitants and the ever-setting sun by the horizon is gorgeous to behold. A funny thing to mention is that I’ve always wanted a “village” hubworld that you stay in to protect yourself from the world outside and I thought Majula would fulfill that dream of mine, only that it has 3 measly houses, 2 of them being vendors and the other for some other, admittedly less exciting function. Nonetheless, Majula still remains a beautiful sight to see and its music matches it.

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