Music of the Week #206


Move it


One of the more major reasons for my inactivity was me preparing to move all my shit to a significantly smaller house. Exhaustion of doing that has drained me of my vitality so I got nothing witty or interesting to say. Oh, I heard One Punch Man started airing, guess I’ll get around to it once the weekend hits.

Anyway, the new picture should already tell you we’re finished with Dark Souls 1 and we have now moved on to the less appreciated Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls released with amazing reception and was the “spiritual” successor to Demon’s Souls while Dark Souls 2 was just simply a “sequel”. When I first heard the announcement, I wasn’t that excited since by the time it was announced, I platinumed Dark Souls and did nearly everything, got every weapon, spell, armor, and the likes down. More importantly, the story came to a close so I didn’t really care for something that continued the plot since for me, it was already over. The Age of Fire either continues or ends, and when I saw dragons alive, I was even more skeptical. Dark Souls II is of course, no where near as beloved as the first game and it has glaring issues with some level designs and progression issues. But when it comes down to it, I will say that Dark Souls dips in quality once you beat Anor Londo and go hunting down the Lord Souls. Other than the Duke’s Archives and the Tomb of the Giants, most of the late game is slightly underwhelming. So the sense of grandeur slowly died off into disappointment while Dark Souls II honestly never reached that height of grandeur and stayed at a constant pace, so I was technically less disappointed. We’ll talk more of the issues plaguing Dark Souls II but we’ll also tackle some improvements for now, I’ll see you next week. But not before I leave you with the the Fire Keeper’s theme, the theme that plays inside the house of the Fire Keepers that mock of your fate to come.

Also need to mention that this is where the “marketing” philosophy of Dark Souls II dipped as well. It’s publicized at how “hard” the game is more than the actual game itself which is disappointing. But whatever, we shall talk more about it next time.

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