Music of the Week #205

Busy week


Settling back into the educational lifestyle and was mostly busy getting my supplies and mentality in check. Not much going on though, can’t really get motivated to practice my usual fighting games with my usual fighting partner is in Japan living the dream. Not much other than getting salty at League nerfs and just spamming Yi.

Been thinking of getting back into Pokemon but that would mean getting around to breeding my favorite pokemon, Aggron. But since I want to keep it Gen 4, without the hidden ability shit that would make it tedious, I want to utilize the fact that it can learn Head Smash and have the ability Rock Head. Unfortunately I require Soulsilver or Heartgold to achieve that and my Heartgold copy got lost in one of those “friend borrowed it and never gave it back” dilemma and of my more trust friend’s Soulsilver hilariously suffered the same fate.

Oh well, right to the music we go before the Labor Day Weekend hits us in the States. Today will mark the end of our Dark Souls run with the music that started it all, the Trailer Music. Not officially in the game’s OST and only portions of it heard during the “Dark Lord” ending sequence. It was first heard during the E3 reveal trailer and even after a few good years after I’ve beaten the game numerous times, I still feel chills down my spine. The Trailer Music truly encompasses the “emotion” that the games evoke from wonder, determination, struggles, inevitable death, and the oh so sweet release of a conclusion, only for you to be able to start again and relive it all over. Here’s both the actual trailer and the full track, enjoy, and I’ll see you next week.

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