Music of the Week #203


Last Week


A day late because I was busy catching up with some other work. I’ve only got less than a week now until classes begin and while I did mention I might end up picking up some series to review by the end of the summer season, general negligence and focus on other projects has me saying that what I said probably won’t happen. Not enough shitty harems or things that grab my interest. On the bright side, there are few shitty harems and a few more things catching my eye next season so I can at least promise Fall season won’t be so dead.

For this week’s theme, it’s THE final boss of Dark Souls and the cause of the shit going down in Oolacile. The creature known as Manus, Father of the Abyss resides in the Chasm of the Abyss where the only enemies are literal sprites of humanity. Before entering, you face a miniboss that is wrapped in chains that really makes you wonder why the chasm is located here. By lore, Manus was long dead and the tampering of his corpse led to his reawakening as a monster. If you think about it, Oolacile is the ancient Darkroot Forest and when you go deep into the forest, you come out of the Valley of the Drakes which is connected to New Londo, where the current Abyss is. So there you go, an interesting link that connects the Chasm of the Abyss’s location to the Abyss we encounter in the present. Boss-wise, Manus is probably the beefiest boss that packs a hell of a punch and is aggressive as hell. I kind of gave up on him for 3 months before coming back to finally kill him in around 20 minutes of slashing at him. Plus who woulda thought, he’s also responsible for the things in the 2nd game.

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