Music of the Week #202


End is nigh


An by that, vacation is almost over, which really shouldn’t matter to you all since technically, I’ve been inactive all summer. Logically, if I’m busy over the Fall and Winter season, I wouldn’t post at all which is sound but I’ll actually pick a series by then. Either that, or I pray Part 4 gets announced soon so I can easily cover that.

Anyways, nothing else is going on other than me practicing fighting games. So let’s move on

This week’s theme is from the Dark Souls DLC, Artorias of the Abyss where the mysterious Artorias’ fate is finally revealed. Apparently, 3 out of the 4 knights of Gwyn were sent to Oolacile to deal with a spreading plague of darkness. Artorias is defeated and driven mad by making contact with the source of the darkness and also broke his swordhand in the bout. His shield was left behind protecting the young Sif and you as the protagonist must end the proud warrior’s suffering and kill him, which is easier said than done. Artorias is one of THE hardest bosses in the game and if you were like me and Platinumed the game before the DLC was even announced, you would have fought him at NG+3 which means he was an even tougher nightmare. After his death, you can meet fellow knights Hawkeye Gough and Lord’s Blade Ciaran who both have a thing or two to say about their compatriot’s passing.

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