Music of the Week #200


Guess it’s break


It doesn’t feel right if I just picked up a series nearly halfway in and start getting some non-rushed opinions out there. You can take this as sign that I don’t really progress too much in the Summer line-up but I am deciding now to start some series and review them by the end. I’ll still be able to get some thoughts out on the Summer series albeit, at the end of everything.

Let’s ignore the fact that I’m late and continue right to the usual main event of these posts. This week’s theme is the iconic final boss theme of Gwyn. Introduced from the prologue and hinted throughout the entire game, Gwyn is said to have descended to the location where he and the fellow owners of the Lord’s Soul found the first flame and ignited himself to act as its source when it was discovered the flame was dying out. Remember, this took place a few good millennia before the game starts so when you find him down there in the Kiln of the First Flame, the once glorious Lord of Sunlight now stands as a hollow, Lord of Cinder. Where once he was shown throwing literal lightning from his hands, Gwyn now only pursues the player with his flaming sword. No words, no emotions, just another cursed soul to put down.

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