Music of the Week #199

Oh boy


To my worst fears, I have yet to find a series worth covering but that’s probably because I haven’t watched that much stuff in the new season, a problem I wish I could rectify if I wasn’t occupied. I’m currently enthralled in reading Dark Eldar books since I’ve been smitten with their culture of backstabbing and subterfuge and general dickery. Other than those, I’m practicing my fighting games techniques after watching EVO 2015.

I hope to get something out before it’s too late, it’s still relatively early in the season.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites from the series and one of the few tracks that doesn’t play in a boss fight. Conquering Blighttown’s shanty in its upper ramparts is one thing but braving the swamps to Quelaag’s domain is tough on its own. However, on the opposite end of the spider-silken home of the Chaos Witch, there lies a great tree and destroying not 1 but 2 invisible walls in its interior reveals a sprawling inner branch as you enter the Great Hollow. You venture down its branches, fighting off the creatures that made the hollowed tree their home and as you reach the far bottom, you emerge out into the bottom of the world, in the shores of Ash Lake. Aside from the hydra and the mysterious skull, you can traverse its singular pathway to find the last surviving dragon who will offer its blessings should you wish to join it.

Also fun to note that the music only plays once you move the camera up to stare at the wondrous vista.

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