Music of the Week #198




Browser mishaps have delayed me immensely as my Chrome went through an entire yearsworth of updates but subsequently turned everything tiny as hell. So I had the pleasure to Mozilla Firefox but the only thing irking me is that when I imported by Bookmarks, the site icons are all blank and restore themselves if I visit the bookmarked link. Problem is, I way too many bookmarks so it’s really bugging me. Other than that, as the opening words suggest, I need to find a series to cover before I end up taking the Season of Summer off but in all honesty, Summer is a rarely good season, but that’s just me.

This week’s theme is one of my favorite themes from the game. Gravelord Nito is one of the four great ones that piqued my immense interest seeing as though he was a literal pile of skeletons. The Tomb of Giants is one of the greatest areas in the series but Nito himself is a bit of a letdown. Like this “Lord of the Undead” status suggests, he is accompanied by three skeletons who respawn if you don’t finish them off with a holy weapon, and 2-3 giant skeletons if you stray too far to the back of the room. Nito’s attacks are slow and he lumbers toward you. Coincidentally, his only ranged attack is the main fear since you drop a considerable distance when you enter his room and he can just impale you from afar. One flavor adding detail I love is that the entrance to his room is just surrounded by kneeling skeletons.

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