Music of the Week #197




Summer season begins and the only thing I happened to watch was Monster girls after my friend reminded me of its adaptation. Not much else has caught my eye but I blame that to where my focus is being lured to. I recently bought a game that I’ve been meaning to get but honestly didn’t think it was worth the 60 dollars when it first came out, Space Marine. While I’m an enormous fan of 40K, I just didn’t find a simple game like that too worth it. But I purchased it for 5 dollars a few days back and I can say it was the best 5 dollars spent since it’s really entertaining.

Couple that with my friend buying a multitude of fighting games and our competitive spirits going overdrive in attempts to outdo each other. Such is the life of fighting games with friends. But even so, I hope to find something that will grab me this season.

Moving straight along, this week’s theme is that of the Four Kings. After slaying Sif and obtaining the ring that allows you to traverse the Abyss, you fight through the deceptively placed, early game deathtrap of New Londo and open the floodgates to let the sunken city out of its watery tomb. You go past its ghosts and climb down an enormous set of spiraling stairs until nothing but pitch darkness is before you. You equip the ring and jump down and in any other case the ring is not in your possession, you will die. At the apparent bottom of the pitch black pit, a deformed figure spawns and the battle begins. The Four Kings are regarded as one of the harder bosses and while they don’t provide much of a challenge in the first playthrough, each subsequent encounter will only increase the level of pain as it boils down to a DPS rush to kill a King before more spawn. But that feeling of encroaching doom in a pitch black battleground is exemplified with this theme, enjoy

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