Music of the Week #196


Feels off


While posting consecutive music posts without anything inbetween has been before due to my negligence, it feels really off not having anything there. The new seasons starts soon and I’m still on the fence on what series is actually worth the time capping and following on this site. Part of the reason why I loved Jojo so much is because it was something I looked forward to every week and was definitely going to have some opinion on it, even though it mostly ended on summaries. That being said, Part 3 was not the most thought provoking part in general because of its simplicity of fights and bare basic plot points. Also, it was my least favorite part in the Stand series as I’ve mentioned oh so many times.

Once I’ve got something I’ve reread multiple times (pretty much everything after Part 3) I’ll have more to talk about in weekly posts.

This week’s solemn theme is that of arguably the most emotional fight in the Souls series next to Maiden Astraea’s. Great Grey Wolf Sif was the beloved pet of Knight Artorias, one of the four knights of Gwyn, and after mysterious circumstances that involve time travel, was killed. Sif guards his master’s grave and uses the very sword his master used to stop you from obtaining a ring called the Covenant of Artorias that allows you to travel the abyss. If aforementioned time travel is fully explored and you rescue Sif from a predicament in the past, Sif will recognize you in current time. To make things worse, Sif starts limping and falling over when he is low on health and it’s quite a sad sight to see.

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