Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 48- Blood Feud’s End

The long journey is over.

I’m disappointed by the lack of a Part 4 teaser but when you think about it, Parts 4 and 5 are the ones where the involvement with DIO are the least prominent. Sure the events of Part 4 and 5 are sourced from DIO’s actions but no part has the direct continuation from Part 3 than Part 6. Think about it, Josuke is Joseph’s son, that pulls back the family tree and Giorno is Jonathan/DIO’s son which pulls it back even farther. Only back when we hit Part 6 do we continue with the bloodline linearly.

Just pray for the BD’s to add something in the end.

With DIO having drained Joseph’s blood, DIO’s wounds immediately heal and he begins to exclaim the sensation of draining more Joestar blood. Jotaro heads toward DIO with clear intent but sees the spirit of Joseph overhead where the latter advises him not to be consumed with anger and before passing on, he expresses content in their journey. Jotaro’s attention is re-averted to DIO who drains the rest of Joseph’s blood, leaving the physical body an empty husk. Jotaro is unable to contain himself and charges toward DIO and the two meet fists.

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Jotaro jumps for a counterattack but is immediately stopped in time and DIO happily states that he feels like he could stop time for even longer than before. Sure enough, the 5 seconds that DIO was able to stop now becomes 9 and while Jotaro is able to crush The World’s fist, DIO immediately regenerates. With his time used up, Jotaro takes a flurry of punches and kicks and is crashes a building and falls down the street below. The World’s impact’s were so great that he is left skidding on the ground. DIO doesn’t let up and intends to finish Jotaro off. The Wold activates again and Jotaro is left in the middle of a bridge and he anticipates an attack but is still angered with Joseph’s condition. As DIO announces the time passing, Jotaro readies himself but at the 7 second mark, DIO brings a steam roller from the sky.

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With no other choice but to act, Jotaro starts pummeling the steam roller but is met with DIO’s own flurry of punches weighing down against Jotaro. Jotaro seemingly is crushed after a few seconds of continuous punching and DIO stands tall over his victory but finds himself unable to move. Jotaro reveals himself and declares that he stopped time at around DIO’s 9th second. Jotaro breaks DIO’s legs and resumes time, declaring that even he would feel bad if he beat someone on the ground and will immediately attack him as soon as DIO’s legs healed. DIO is consumed with anger and as he gets up, uses his broken joints to direct blood toward Jotaro’s eyes, and initiates with The World. Jotaro throws a hefty punch in retaliation and The World’s kick meets Star Platinum’s punch. Star Platinum’s fist cracks, but soon enough, The World’s injury on its leg spreads upward and the damage is reflected on DIO’s person as well, erupting in a bloody explosion, ending the fight.

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Moments later, Jotaro meets up with the SPW foundation where they recover Kakyoin, Joseph, Polnareff, and DIO’s remains. Kakyoin and DIO remain dead, Polnareff is knocked out, and Jotaro intends to return Joseph by means of blood transfer. Joseph’s blood is returned and he awakes healthy but acts as if DIO’s own blood revived him but the joke is cut short when Jotaro prepared himself for another fight. Joseph and Jotaro watch DIO’s body crumble away and announce that their long journey has come to an end. Holly immediately begins feeling the effects of DIO’s removal and happily awaits her father and son to return. Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff share one last goodbye before departing their separate ways.

I guess it would be a good as time to describe my thoughts for Part 3. I’ve mentioned before that Part 3 is the most basic and weakest part of the Stand parts to come. With that in mind, I enjoyed Part 3 immensely and I can’t wait for the Parts that I found exponentially more entertaining to be animated. I said before that only a few handful of memorable fights were in Part 3 and indeed, only a few from the first part were worth remembering while the ones in Egypt save for the fights in the mansion and D’arby were great. Puzzle like Stands will still show up but a combination of both puzzle and direct fighting stands will begin to appear as well so there’s still much hope to be had. In my mind, Part 3 wasn’t the greatest but the anime turned it into something immensely enjoyable. With Part 3 out of the way, we can move on to the meat of the series with Part 4-6 and maybe the alternate universes with Parts 7 and 8. If you liked Part 3, which was the weakest, you’ll definitely enjoy what is to come if David Productions decides to continue.

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