Music of the Week #194

The end is nigh


Like last week, I was occupied with some more nerd things so I was late on the Jojo update. Songs of joy and sadness are in order as Part 3 finally reaches its animated end this Friday. I’m happy to see the objectively weakest part of the Stand series end but it was a fun ride nonetheless. But in Jojo, every end is a beginning and Part 4 just happens to be my favorite part (but that’s an understatement since I want to see every single part animated). They better end off Part 3 by having a close up for Jotaro meeting Koichi or Josuke leaning by the fountain getting approached by the upperclassmen.

This week’s theme is played in semi-middle point of the game after you brave the challenges of Sen’s Fortress and arrive atop the battlefield where the Iron Golem awaits to test your mettle in combat. The Golem itself has interesting lore implications when we take Dark Souls II’s lore into consideration but in the vanilla game’s lore, it is simply a guardian that tests warriors who wish to gain entrance to the city of the gods just above. I first saw the Golem menacingly approach the player character in the first trailer and I couldn’t wait to fight it. Heavily armored, you have to damage its legs to injure its heels and make it fall over. If you’e lucky, you might just make it fall off the fortress roof. That or just summon Tarkus to solo the boss.

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