Music of the Week #193




Began a Dungeons and Dragons quest with my crew of friends and my week was slightly busy. Normally, these Jojo episodes have me hype every Friday but for whatever reason, I keep posting them late in the week. But either way, we’re reaching near the end and they better end Part 3 with a teaser for Part 4. Oregairu is chugging along nicely with Yukinoshita remaining my favorite and DxD is approaching amazing levels of stupidity.

This week’s song is that of a boss that can be encountered early in the game or later in the game inside the Catacombs. Pinwheel is a deceptively easy boss with a lot of lore implications going on. Most of it involves stealing the necromantic abilities from another boss further in that area and how it was cursed with having 3 separate entities rolled up into one. To be more clear, a father, mother, and son were merged into a single creature with the 3 masks and 3 sets of arms symbolizing this. Apparently the father of this family tried to resurrect his family but failed miserably. And yes, you’re hearing “I’m so sorry” being whispered constantly.

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