Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 46- Cracked Time

The Train has started boarding.

Was getting started on a DnD Character so Music post will come Thursday

Kakyoin remembers his childhood where he had a hard time opening up to the other children. He states that it would be impossible for anyone to understand and sympathize with him if they were unable to perceive his Hierophant Green. He feared that this isolation would last a lifetime but when he joined with the Joestar Crew, he finally felt the value of friends and camaraderie. Kakyoin and Joesph re-position themselves on the rooftops where Kakyoin declares that he has found a way to discern the ability of DIO’s Stand.

DIO realizes that Polnareff and Jotaro’s absence must mean that the latter are planning on cornering him but pays it no mind and confronts the other duo. DIO is bombarded by Emerald Splashes from all angles and after fending himself, finds Kakyoin on a nearby building who explains that he laid Hierophant Green’s barriers all around DIO in a 20 meter radius. Kakyoin unleashes all of the barrier’s Emerald Splashes but DIO utilizes The World and instantly sends Kakyoin flying, while simultaneously breaking apart the entire barrier.

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DIO leers his head towards Joseph while Kakyoin tries to comprehend what DIO just pulled off, all the while bleeding out from his fatal wound. Kakyoin quickly thinks of his parent’s health and as he pieces together The World’s instantaneous abilities involving time and tries to relay this message to Joesph. With little power left, his only option was to shoot his final Emerald Splash at the clocktower, shattering the hands. Kakyoin passes away and Joseph quickly makes an escape and tries to understand what Kakyoin’s last act was.

Joseph is able to quickly find out that The World’s ability is to stop time and is confronted by DIO after the latter uses The World’s ability to move in front of him. Joseph also concludes that DIO can only stop time for only a few seconds. DIO gives light praise to Joseph but proceeds to move in on him, only to stop as he realizes that Joseph had completely armored himself with Hermit Purple infused with the ripple. DIO simply uses The World’s strength to crush the roof they’re on and Joseph falls to the street below. On the other end of the sidewalk, Joseph spots Jotaro and warns him not to get close and quickly reveals DIO’s ability. DIO immediately activates the time stop and moves toward Joesph to finish him off but uses a knife to do the job as touching him would mean death. Joseph is stabbed through the throat with the knife and bleeds out, all the while telling Jotaro not to face DIO.

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Jotaro completely ignores the warning and walks toward DIO to unleash his anger and The World and Star Platinum equally exchange blows.

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